Here are 10 ways a housekeeper differs from a cleaning lady

A housekeeper is responsible for the upkeep of a household and cleanliness of a home, whereas a cleaning lady generally provides only cleaning services. This includes tasks such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and running errands. A cleaning lady is someone who is hired to clean specific areas like a home or office and do specific tasks, such as laundry. While both types of workers are responsible for cleaning, a housekeeper typically has other duties as well. Here are 10 ways in which a housekeeper differs from a cleaning lady:

1. A housekeeper is responsible for all aspects of keeping a home clean and tidy, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, etc. A cleaning lady generally focuses only on cleaning surfaces.

2. A housekeeper typically works regular hours and days, whereas a cleaning lady may be hired for a one-time deep clean or on an as-needed basis. Housekeepers are usually expected to be available on short notice, while cleaning ladies may have more flexibility in their schedules.

3. A housekeeper often has more duties than a cleaning lady beyond just cleaning, such as cooking, running errands, pet care, etc. . For example, a housekeeper may be responsible for grocery shopping and other errands in addition to cleaning.

4. A housekeeper is usually employed by one family or household, whereas a cleaning lady may work for multiple clients.

5. A housekeeper typically lives in the home she is responsible for and has a closer relationship with the family or household they work for, while a cleaning lady does not. Georgia cleaning service as castle keepers can provide you even further information. So, a housekeeper often has more access to private areas of the home and family’s personal belongings, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, while cleaning ladies do not.

6. Housekeepers may be responsible for caring for children or pets in addition to performing household tasks, while cleaning ladies generally are not. A cleaning lady generally only provides cleaning services.

7. A housekeeper is usually required to have references and undergo a background check, whereas a cleaning lady may not be subject to the same level of screening.

8. A housekeeper is typically bonded and insured, meaning that the family or household they work for is protected financially in the event of damages or theft. A cleaning lady may not be bonded or insured.

9. Housekeepers are often required to have prior experience or training, while many cleaning ladies do not.

10. A housekeeper usually commands a higher salary than a cleaning lady. So you have to be prepared to pay more for the housekeeper services.

The terms “housekeeper” and “cleaning lady” are not interchangeable. A housekeeper is a specific type of professional with specific duties. A cleaning lady is someone who provides cleaning services as, but may not have all of the responsibilities of a housekeeper. The duties of a housekeeper go beyond just cleaning. A housekeeper is responsible for providing general assistance to the family. A cleaning lady generally just provides cleaning services and does not have the same level of responsibility as a housekeeper.

When hiring someone to perform housekeeping duties, it is important to be clear about what is expected so that there are no surprises. If you are looking for someone to perform general cleaning and maintenance tasks around your home, then a cleaning lady would be a good option. However, if you are looking for someone to take on additional responsibilities such as cooking or childcare, then you will need to hire a housekeeper.


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